Michael Robinson earned a Bachelor of Arts in advertising/public relations from Penn State University in three years, graduating in December 2004, and earned a second B.A. in journalism in December 2005. He was named Academic All-Big Ten three times. He gained on-camera reporting experience covering Penn State basketball games and on CSTV's "Penn State Primetime."

During his rookie season in San Francisco, Robinson started his own sports talk show, "The Rookie Report," which featured Mike reporting from the locker room and off the field with NFL players. Later on, during his 6th year in the NFL, he has rekindled his passion for journalism with "The Real Robinson Report."

"The Real Robinson Report" is a sports show delivered by pro athletes just for the fans. Mike takes the viewers for an exclusive look behind the scenes and into the real world of sports and entertainment. Some notable guests include Donovan McNabb, Amare Stoudemire and Darrelle Revis. You never know who will be on next or what they are going to say.